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PT 596 Torpedo Boat

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To Start.

First things were to fully check the complete kit, make sure all the original parts are here and not damaged, then to commence construction of the upperworks, basically, everything that is glued to the top side of the deck, but making sure I don’t glue the seperate cabin sections to the hull yet, not untikll I have fully installed the electrics, so I cam make sure I can get access to all I need to without having to keep taking the deck off and wearing the fragile screw threads out that hold it down.

You will also notice from the pictures that I modified the engine air intake, yes it has a metal grille supplied in the kit for realism, but I also cut away the floor plastic, under the vent mount, so the engine/hull area can “breathe” and supply cooling air to the electric motors. Same goes for all the deck mounted vents, they were bonded in place then the underside of the deck was drilled away with a small drill bit in a dremel, again allowing air to vent, especially as most of these vent face towards the stern, so wont allow water to enter the hull when going forwards at speed! [I hope!].


Have decided to add an interesting idea to the motor drive system. ive seen this in a model boat magazine and think it would suit this boat just fine too.

To help the boat “turn” at speed and to do something fairly cheap and inexpensive [always better option], I’m going to cut the power to the “inner” [on the turn] motor, so the centre motor and outer motor keep spinning at normal rev’s. YEs I know you can go buy an electronic gizmo that does all this for you, but why not try this:

Add a wid[er] base plate under the rudder servo horn, then place 2 micro switches either side of the rudder horn, so as the horn turns the rudders and gets to full angle, it hits the micro switch and cute power to the inner motor. Same then applies on turning the other way. Simple, no electronic’s and fairly reliable.

I will add some pics of this system once installed, but the blog will show the construction and setup build. I’m still waiting for some more 2mm id brass bearings for the centre propshaft, so untill they arrive, I haven’t got all 3 propshafts in yet, just the outer 2 fully bonded and sealed. 

I have purchased the italeri PT 596 Torpedo Boat in 1:35th Scale and it is my intention to make this boat radio controlled. I have seen and read other conversions for this particular boat and have adapted for my own ideas and thoughts.

I have also acquired an “eduard photo  etch” kit which will add some extra detailing to the boat, so it will look good both in and out of the water.

I am intending to drive all 3 prop’s with separate electric motors, same goes for the rudders, the boat had 3 originally, so mine has 3 working rudders too.

Due to the need to keep the boat as light as poss,as the motors and battery pack will add some weight, I may not be able to make the stern Bofors gun rotate [yet] but its a thought for later if I can get the waterline weight right.



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